Customer Reviews

★★★★★ I’m an IL native and Sweet Ali’s was my go-to for GF goods and treats after being diagnosed with multiple autoimmune issues. Sweet Ali’s made both our tiered cake and sheet cake for our wedding in August 2017. It was beautiful, (the venue put the ampersand in backwards, not SA!), delicious, and best of all: no one could tell it was GF! The guests even raved about it. From the tasting appointment to the designing process, Sweet Ali’s delivered on it all. The artistry and attention to detail is such a craft. Thank you, Sweet Ali’s. Can’t wait for our little one’s birthday cake!

★★★★★ I love this place, everything is so good and so fresh. If you are around please make sure you visit this place, it’s beyond words and gluten-free!!!

★★★★★ So many really yummy choices! the cupcake and cookie i bought were very tasty and the icing was just the right amount of sweet. They even sell other frozen baked goods and breads too. The place has a few tables and is bright and clean, with friendly service.

★★★★★ The best GF cinnamon roll ever! Would have taken a picture of it but it was completely devoured before I had a chance. Also got the zucchini bread and chocolate chip banana. Yummo!!! May have to consider ordering for shipping as we live out of state. Excellent!

★★★★★  Hands down, my favorite place on the planet right now. Out of this world baked goods, frozen goodies, and they are always mixing up their cupcake flavors every week. Never the same thing every week. I love everything and anything here, but my newest delight are those cheesy rolls. Out of sight! I even got my friend, who does not follow a gluten free diet as I do, hooked on the place. A very clean, welcoming shop and the ladies are very friendly and knowledgeable about their products

★★★★★ I absolutely love everything they make!!! We had them make our baby shower cake for our daughter and the elephant came out perfect!!!! Everyone  loved the cake and said it tasted amazing! That you’d never know it was gluten free!! I had tears in my eyes because the cake came out everything I dreamed of for our baby shower!!  Thank you so soooo much for your bakery – Desiree B. 

★★★★★ For a celiac, this place is heaven on earth. It’s been years since I’ve had delicious tasting bread that won’t make me ill. I highly recommend their gluten-free challah bread! They also have a wonderful assortment of freshly baked treats, and a huge frozen grab and go section. We enjoyed one of their pre-baked cakes in their grab and go freezer for my son’s birthday, and even though it was frozen and thawed overnight it tasted fresh baked!  I’m really glad I found this place, as I feel like I no longer have to “miss out” on basic things like occasional fluffy bread or a rare sweet treat. – Jen W.

★★★★★ Love all of the products at Ali’s.. this is the first gluten free bakery that actually reminds me of my gluten crazy days. – Ashley B.

★★★★★To caveat: I am not celiac, nor am I sensitive to gluten, nor do I think that eliminating gluten from your diet makes a damn bit of difference to your health. What I do know is this bakery makes goddamn delicious treats. The blueberry scone and cinnamon roll with cream cheese frosting (or something that tastes like cream cheese frosting) are seriously two of the best items in their category I have ever had – including when compared to regular glutenous scones and cinnamon rolls. This place is truly delicious. If you’re like me and think of “gluten free” as meaning “more expensive, less delicious version of the normal thing” do not hesitate to try this place out. It’s a delicious bakery that just *happens* to be GF. Bravo magical bakery people! – Gillian C. 

★★★★★ Best gluten free treats around! My family is not gluten free but they enjoy everything as much as I do and always say that it doesn’t taste like it’s missing the gluten, that’s always a good thing! The chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin cookies are amazing!

★★★★★ I have to say that not only is it great to have a gluten free bakery close by, but in addition, they are really nice people.  Every time I come in here and it doesn’t matter who is behind the counter, they are very nice.  My son has celiac and absolutely loves their cookies, brownies, and focaccia bread.  In addition, for his birthday we did a large chocolate chip cookie cake for him which was so nice to be able to do.  We just had a couple of other cookies decorated when he was in a school play.  Even if you don’t live close it is worth the drive — you won’t be disappointed. – Dan S. 

Oh My Gosh — that was all my son and my husband kept saying after biting into the treats I brought home last night — the lemon and salted caramel cupcakes and chocolate chip cookie were a hit! Gluten free? As far as my boys are concerned that didn’t make one bit of difference — best cupcakes they’ve ever had is what they said. Thought you might like to know. Absolutely delicious!! You have some new fans… -Sheryl M.

Words just don’t describe how wonderful Sweet Ali’s is; you simply MUST just go in and try EVERYTHING!!! Guaranteed you will not be disappointed. I served the vanilla cake with the vanilla icing at a party and not one of my guests realized it was Gluten Free. It’s just that good! Every time we take my daughter to breakfast, we go to Egg Harbor, they sell Sweet Ali’s cinnamon rolls and pancakes….which I order now myself. The pancakes are fluffy and sweet. Perfect way to start your morning. Cannot praise Sweet Ali’s enough. They sell their products in some stores now around the Chicago area. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! SWEET ALI’S. You have made a difficult time for my daughter’s celiac much more tolerable! -Barb D.

Oh, sweet baby cupcake Jesus. My mom just threw a wedding shower this weekend for my fiancée (gluten free) and I. It was Parisian themed and had a huge dessert table. About half of the dessert table was made up of gluten free treats from Ali’s, the other half, gluten-y treats. By the end of the party there was nothing left from Ali’s EVERYONE DEVOURED IT. I have never had more delicious cake or cupcakes in my life. As people were walking out, they were depressed they couldn’t grab more Ali’s cupcakes to go, and were raving about how good gluten free food was…which I thought was hilarious, Ali’s is definitely the delicious exception to the rule. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! -Joey M.

Sweet Ali’s has been a lifesaver when it comes to treats and cakes for my food allergy kiddo. Staff is wonderful and accommodating. The only bakery I’ve ever trusted for a kid with wheat, dairy, tree nuts, and soy allergies. – Gaby B

Made my daughter a birthday cake using the yellow cake mix I bought at your shop – Best. Cake. Ever. Truly, no one would ever have guessed it was gluten free (though it definitely tasted sinful!). Thank you, THANK YOU, for creating such delicious GF treats. I just wish the whole thing had been eaten because I keep snacking on it! -Molly R.

I love all of your products! With food allergies I thought I was done with pizza, but your dairy and egg free cheese pizza was absolutely delicious! I’ll definitely be back in to pick up some more. -Shannon J.